Spring is here! Time to open your windows and allow the fresh air to invade your home pest-free.
It’s the time of year to open your windows, sit on your porch drinking coffee, and enjoy the fresh air of Spring.  But just because Mother Nature has turned up the heat (finally), it doesn’t mean you need to let all the elements of the outdoors into your home.  Needless to say, there are some things best left outside… mosquitos, flies and other insects.  These pesky friends not only wreak havoc on our relaxation, they also carry germs & diseases.  They seem to find their way into your home through the smallest openings.

Consider a Retractable Screen

For this reason, it is important to find the right screen solution for your windows & doors.  Your screens need to fit well.  But what if you have a doorway of an unusual size?  Consider a retractable screen door.  The retractable screen door is a great solution for French doors and other swinging or sliding doors.  When not in use, the screen is out of site and out of the doorway area.

The retractable screens at Maryland Screens also come in a variety of screen choices to ward off insects and protect against damage from pets:

  • Standard – Strong, stiffened fiberglass mesh
  • Noseeum- extra-fine mesh offering protection against smaller insects.
  • Solar- additional protection against the sun
  • Pet- Heavy-duty screen to resist pet damage.

Our retractable screens also come in a selection of colors and finishes.  Learn more about our retractable screens.

Motorized Screens – Create an Outdoor Oasis

Another way to comfortably enjoy the outdoors is with a motorized screen.  Motorized screens or power screens can transform any porch or patio into an outdoor oasis.   Our motorized screens provide an innovative double brush and hem bar seal which keep the bugs out of your space.  These screens block the sun without obscuring your view and offer the largest selection of insect, solar and vinyl screen fabrics.

With our screen options, you have no reason to not open your doors & windows to let the fresh air in for fear of unwanted visitors.  Take control of your comfort and contact Maryland Screens!