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Transform your Porch or Patio into an Outdoor Oasis

Extend your living space and transform your porch and patio into the perfect outdoor room by adding a motorized power screens.


Maryland Screens motorized power screens are the best in the industry and offer many benefits:

The strongest screen system in the industry offering quiet operation and designed to keep the screen mesh stable. Allows for worry-free use, even in high wind conditions.

Protect your view; reduce glare and protects your valuable home furnishings from fading. We offer the largest selection of insect, solar and vinyl screen fabrics.

Innovative double brush and hem bar seal create a tight seal to keep the bugs outside where they belong.

Dual brushes keep the insects out, and they keep your screen clean during operation. They prevent dirt, debris, and critters from entering your home or nesting in the housing.

Utilizes world leading tubular motors and remote control systems designed for convenience and interfaces with existing home automation systems.

Our screen housings and side retention rail systems are crafted with the highest quality aluminum components and are designed to resist torqueing or twisting. This will insure quieter operation and a longer lasting screen.

Easily mounts directly to the wall or under a soffit without the need for side mounting brackets. Supports flush and recessed mounting.

Every motorized power screen is professionally installed by one of our trained technicians and is measured and custom fit to your opening. Each screen comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Our motorized power screens fit most custom and oversized applications. Depending on the application, it can supply complete ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from pests, and enhanced privacy. For all motorized, all this is at the touch of a button.


Colors shown on the screen may vary from the actual hardware color. Color samples available upon request.

Custom colors are available to allow you to match your specific color scheme. Every screen is built to order with powder coating done in-house, resulting in a beautiful appliance-like finish and requiring little maintenance. We also offer custom color matching to any provided sample for an additional cost.


Our screens are available in a wide range of fabrics, styles, and color selections.

Insect Mesh – This strong mesh allows the most ventilation and the best view while keeping insects out. It is recommended for both small and large openings. This option blocks up to 40% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Solar Screen – While allowing much less ventilation, this mesh blocks out the sun’s heat and glare by up to 75% while keeping insects out. This option blocks up to 65% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Privacy Screen – This mesh option provides a complete block-out of the sun’s UV rays. It is not a solution for areas requiring ventilation.

They can block the sun without obstructing your view, or provide a complete blackout if desired. Fabric warranties vary depending on your selection, but Maryland Screens has a number of fabric selections with 10-year limited warranties on exterior applications. We also offer a wide variety of fabrics and colors on special order that are not regularly stocked or shown here.



  • Diameter 47mm (2.0 in.)
  • Progressive Limit Setting
  • 6’ of Motor Cord
  • C-UL Recognize
  • CSA Approved
  • Wattage Ranges from 110 – 210
  • Amperage Ranges from1.0 – 1.8
  • Approximate weight is 8 lbs.
  • SIMU Tubular Operators / Type 5 (120v – 60 Hz) AC
  • SIMU 120V-60Hz AC motors come standard with built-in electric brake and limit switch

Housing & Housing Cover:

  • Roll-formed Aluminum
  • Color-matched Corrosion
  • Resistant Screws

Side Retention System and Hem Bar

  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Color-matched Corrosion Resistant Screws


STYLEWidthPull Length
Motorized Power Screens4′ to 25′3′ to 20′
Manual Screens4′ to 25′3′ to 20′


Design Specifications – SRS Series 3 Data Sheet
Design Specifications – SRS Series 4 Data Sheet
Design Specifications – SRS Series 5 Data Sheet
Design Drawing – SRS Recessed Side Track
Design Drawing – SRS Recessed Side Track & Roller


Maryland Screens offers the product manufacturer, Rainier Screen Systems, Limited Warranty on all parts and mechanisms to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year after installation. This warranty excludes the screen material. After one year, the warranty covers parts replacement only, and does not cover the cost of labor, applicable taxes, shipping or other consequential expenses related to the removal, return or re-installation.

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