Winter weather came early and quickly this year in Maryland, and many of us weren’t ready for the piles of snow that accumulated in our windows and doors in just a few surprising hours. Even if the task is in hindsight and seems like a hassle, it is good to be reminded and motivated to put on our boots and coats and gather the screens for the winter.  There are many snow lovers that enjoy having the screens removed for unobstructed visuals of a white wonderland. But, for those of you that need further encouragement let’s ponder this further. As Ben Franklin noted in his 1758 almanac “A penny saved is a penny got.”, therefore, saving money maybe the inspiration needed to begin your chore. If you aren’t motivated by the breathtaking visions and clear pictures of faces pressed upon glass to watch the snow fall (without hindrance), then it’s pretty likely the thought of saving more money, energy and further future time is reinforcement.

Reasons and Reminders to Remove your Screens:

  • Snow carries weight that can cause some screens to bow.
  • More light radiates inside without the screens, and during the winter when there are many darker mood changing days we look forward to every bit of light.
  • More light creates heat, so during the brightest and warmest parts of the day you want to allow that 8+degrees more of sun in to help with winter chill. Solar energy = Savings on Heating Bills
  • Snow can become stuck between the window and screen which may instigate sill, screen or frame damage.
  • Single pane windows must have screens removed for the installation of storm windows to provide extra protection from the weather.

Window Screen and Door Screen Removal – Off Your Checklist

Hopefully you are convinced to remove your screens and are excited to prepare for winter.  Ok, maybe this is taking it a bit far to assume excitement, but getting a job done well, taking care of your home and saving yourself steps when spring comes may at least be responsible and satisfying. Don’t forget to keep a few other things in mind and consider this job done.

Before putting your screens away and turning your outdoor faucet off take this time to remember to do a few other things while you are gathering the window and door screens.

Don’t forget to…

  • Hose off your screens and allow them to dry.
  • Store your screens in a safe, out-of-the-way, indoor place.
    • Storage ideas may be the garage, attic, basement or designated closet
      • Some people create cross-board lofts in their garage or shed rafters and slide them safely across.
    • Clean the sills, tracks and sashes of the windows as well.
    • If you’ve had some snow you may have already had some assistance by Mother Nature.
    • Remember to label each screen with the matching window.
    • As you are putting them away to avoid the aggravation guess work when it comes to reinstalling them.
    • Inspect your screens for damage such as tears, holes or bent framing.

Always remember Maryland Screens is here to help!

If you’re not feeling confident in removing your screens or are in need of repair, service or inspections—do not hesitate to call us. We can provide the assistance and expertise you need. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with questions or to schedule service at 301.432.7550 or email us at