Conventional door screens can alter a home’s design, diminish views and be a nuisance when trying to carry your groceries in the door.  Retractable screens help you overcome these limitations by hiding away when not in use and glide effortlessly open when you need them.

Benefits of Retractable Screens

Retractable screens maintain the aesthetic beauty of your home and are usually HOA approved.  They provide:

  • Privacy
  • Insect Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Filter sunlight
  • Ease of Use
  • Reduce heat from sun
  • Improve energy costs

Retractable screens also custom fit all types of door openings:  patio sliders, French doors, in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French doors, entry doors, condo doors, balcony doors, as well as door entries with unusual sizes.


The Main Parts of Retractable Screens

Retractable screens have four main components:

Tracks – The tracks secure the screen into place are fastened to the top and bottom of the door frame.

Screen Mesh – The screen mesh comes in a variety of fabrics, materials and colors including solar, pet and fine mesh (small insect proof) options.

Housing – The screen mesh is stored in an aluminum housing when retracted as well as other door mechanisms.   This housing is available is an array of custom finishes to match your home and décor.

Slide Bar (Handle) – The slide bar allows for smooth screen retraction into the housing when the screen is not in use and easily glides out when needed.  A magnet or latch system with secure the screen in place when in use.

Retractable Screens – Inside or Outside Installation?

The finishes of most retractable screens are chip and corrosive resistant and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  For this reason, the screens can be easily installed either on the interior or exterior of the home.

If you are looking for a retractable screen dealer in the Maryland or Virginia area, you should call Maryland Screens.  We are a preferred dealer for Phantom Screens and can help you get your door installed quickly and efficiently.  Contact us for an estimate!