Enjoying your front porch.

The Porch Revival

Keeping A Tradition Alive—Bringing Back the Breeze

Whether you sit in a lawn, Adirondack or rattan chair and drink iced tea, mint julep, scotch or coca colas, a porch is a tradition that’s been an important part of American (USA) history for over 200 years. Porches were a transition from private to public life and provided a link to nature as well as a connection to the community and time to relax with family. Whether it be a nap under starlight or partaking in gossip, a porch has always been a part of our American culture.

For many years porches were a functional need before air conditioning and electric fans were around. Screened-in sleeping porches (front or back) were constructed on houses to allow for cooler sleeping without pests. However, the prevalence and popularity grew as porches became part of an aesthetic and architectural forefront in a literary forum in the 1800’s.

Homes with porches became noted as an “American home” after Andrew Jackson Downing, a well-known landscape gardener and writer of architecture began writing about the significance of porches and how it set us (the USA) apart from European architecture. His beliefs in the dignity of our homes heavily translates today with our strong sense of need for curb appeal and gratification aesthetically as well as function as we update our homes with his theories in mind. Mr. Downing said that ‘People’s pride in their country is connected to pride in their home. If they can decorate and build their homes to symbolize the values they hope to embody, such as prosperity, education and patriotism, they will be happier people and better citizens.’—“A good house will lead to a good civilization.”

Over the course of time we have seen many transitions with modern innovations and changes in our contemporary family dynamics, and porches had become less popular. However, it seems the 21st century is realizing the necessity to come back to nature with statistics proving the mental and physical health benefits to engage with the outdoor environment. Porches and outdoor connection are a growing awareness and with that modern advances to allow enjoyment with security and ease of use this has opened up more possibilities to get back to our roots.

Now you can have it all: tradition, curb appeal and safety! It is unfortunate that we now often feel unsecure about leaving doors and windows open. Especially, with autumn approaching and the thoughts of the fall breeze traveling through our homes is more and more tempting. Additionally, our busy lives and overwhelming thoughts of time and labor play a deciding vote away from investing in that screened in porch. However, there are now solutions with the availability of quality motorized screens, security door and window screens and screen tight porch installations that can ease our minds and allow us to enjoy pest free, secure, easy to use and relaxing home outdoor connections.

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How Much Should It Cost to Install Screens for your Home?

Screens are not only barriers to keep out unwanted insects, but can serve as aesthetic statements and practical fixtures outside your home. But, before you rush off and screen in your porch or re-screen your windows, understand how important it is for you to have a plan and accurate cost information to establish a budget prior to the start of your outdoor project.

Most homeowners are fairly savvy and begin their research by looking online to get an idea of what their project might cost.  We generally caution against this approach because not all the information you read online is complete or accurate, and you could be in for a “big surprise” after contacting your local contractor or handyman.

When you “Google” the price for installations you will only be given a general price based on a national average. These prices often do not take in account many factors that will affect the realistic price. Factors such as local labor rates, local material costs, local permits, location of your home, types of materials selected, special features, removal costs, size of project, and customization, etc. While you may find this generalization helps you in determining whether or not this is a project that you want to move forward with, calling your local screen expert for a free estimate is always the safest bet.

Maryland Screens are experts in outdoor screening solutions and knows what it really costs to re-screen doors, windows, porches and more.  Our company prides itself in providing homeowners with beautiful, durable and secure screens and awnings. The products and services we offer are the best in the industry, custom retrofitted, personalized, and never standardized. Your projects are not only a reflection of your style and personality, but also key home features that are fully functional and gratifying.

General Screen Cost Guidelines

In order to preset expectations, please find the following average rates including installation fees you should expect to pay for the following screen products:

Item Cost
Motorized Screens* (per screen) $3,000 each
Porch Rescreening (for an average 12’x16′ porch) $3,000-6,000
Single Retractable Screen Door (custom installed to your door opening) $600
French Retractable Screen Doors (custom installed to your door opening) $1,200
Retractable Awnings (cost depends on length) $3,000-5,000
Garage Door Screens (average per screen – retrofitted to the door opening) $1,200-1,800
Rescreening (includes pick up, rescreening & return-based on quantity and product/project size) $25-$75 each
Vinyl Post Wraps (per post) $125-300 each

Additional Costs—there are extra costs for further customization, accessories and material upgrades.

*Motorized Screens tend to be more expensive due to the extra mechanical features. These power-driven screens can offer wireless and programmable aspects as well.

Saving Some Time and Money

Doing some extra research, making solid choices ahead of time and hiring a professional will not only save you headaches, but also money. After thoughts or even in-the-process thoughts will be costlier. Take time to consider usage, location, product choices and fixture types. Write down any questions and never hesitate to call or ask questions.

Why You Should Hire Maryland Screens

Even though we understand that cost is a major factor in the decision making for home projects, it is also crucial to hire the right contractor! You want an outcome of pride and function that can only come from a contractor with a high attention to detail, extreme care and carefulness and experience. The finishing touches requires highly skilled craftsmanship. Getting the project done right the first time is essential—with the right tools, materials and the right contractor… Maryland Screens. Don’t settle for satisfactory—we want you to be excited and look forward to your new product(s).  Contact us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

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