We made it! Spring fever is permeating the air, and we’ve waited patiently as winter kept us shut in. But, now we have this restless need to “let the sunshine in” and with it the smells and sounds of spring.

Although, not everyone understands the importance of opening up the home and office to ‘air out’ the rooms as my grandmother used to say.  As temperatures start to rise for many people it is second nature to walk over and push the “cool” button on the A/C. However, now you may want to slow your pace and give your A/C a longer break. If you truly want that exuberant feeling of spring inside along with the entrance of natural light it is important to have air cross ventilation in your home.

If you aren’t a believer already let’s see if we can make you one. The simple solution of cross ventilation has a multitude of health and financial benefits that may not only surprise you, but also be an epiphany to a healthier, happier household. When you let the fresh air in and cross ventilate you are pushing out inert, hot air as well as the dust and pollutants loitering your home. How can cross ventilation positively impact your household?

    As you’ve been breathing locked in air for months you can understand why the indoor air is more polluted then what you thought lurked outside. The sealed air inside has three times less oxygen and more toxins that your lungs try to recycle.


    The flat air leaves smells lingering behind like the fried shrimp dinner from Sunday, the cologne that little Johnny may have sprayed too much of and the cat litter or other pet odors. Cross ventilation can “air out” these irritants and tired aromas. Also, let’s not forget about what you will save on Febreeze and Lysol.


    Air transfer can not only help remove the dust floating around, but it can also get rid of those dust mites on beds, clothes, curtains and furniture that we don’t always a chance to vacuum up.


    With the power of cross-ventilation you may find your home cool enough to be able to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of your air conditioner, thus, saving energy and electricity costs. Sometimes it is easy being “Green”.


    When the air is sequestered in your home there can be an increase of condensation which can lead to your home being a germ box. You want your home to remain dry, and the circulation and ventilation of adequate air is essential for your floors, walls and foundation. The home’s structural integrity can be at risk since rot can occur in wood and drywall. Allowing moisture and mold can cause this destructive damage.  Additionally, mold infiltration has many health impacts depending on the length and amount of exposure. Mold can cause severe allergic reactions as well as headaches, fever, irritation in your sinuses, immune system problems and respiratory damage.


    Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen! Yes, that’s right, oxygen is your best friend, and cross ventilating can plump up your home with oxygen. A small endeavor with huge rewards for your health and happiness. What does the increase of oxygen do?

    • Improves digestion, blood pressure and heart rate.
    • Cleanses our lungs and allows better breathing.
    • Allows for greater brain function thus improving concentration and giving us more energy.
    • Generates more smiles and better moods by making our happy hormone (serotonin) increase.
    • Boosts our immune system by allowing our white blood cells to do their job better.

Are you sure your air is fresh? Sometimes people may “open up the house” and feel the air is more stagnant than it was before. Or, the prevailing, one-directional gusts are taking over and those pet rocks aren’t holding the papers down. This is usually because they aren’t taking advantage of proper cross ventilation. Simply opening a few windows in the house will not facilitate the proper circulation that is needed. It is necessary to open doors and windows across from each other to allow for air flow. In addition to a forceful breeze there are other factors that are important to allow as much air in as possible. The placement, type and size of your windows and doors impact the amount of air that can flow in and out.  Adding screens to doors will easily accelerate this flow. And, if adding screens to windows and doors can help facilitate the cross ventilation in your home—the long-term outcome will considerably outweigh the initial investment.

With Maryland Screens’ large assortment of screens for your house, patio and garage we can help you OPEN YOUR HOME TO THE OUTDOORS!