Install Motorized Screens

Beauty is marketable or is it a shade deep?

You can’t go wrong when you invest in your home’s marketability and aesthetic. A power screen shading your patio adds extra livable space connected to the outdoors. This is not only a healthy living choice, but also a chance to relax immersed in nature safely. Furthermore, motorized screens provide an additional dimension without altering the exterior or your home. Investing in motorize screens could be your opportunity to offer an appealing haven to a future homeowner, thus, gaining equity in the value of your home.

More Room to Entertain

You will be able to create your own private sanctuary to share with your family and friends without the added worry of exposing them to nature’s elements such as sun and rain. Installing power screens on your deck, patio or porch area allows you to design a new space for more outdoor entertaining.

Defend and Protect Your Home

Let your screens assist in providing further longevity of your outdoor space and connection with nature without the danger of the elements. Motorized screens can protect the area from the weather and prevent UV rays (direct sun), rain and snow from causing permanent fading, deterioration and damage to your flooring, outdoor furniture and indoor furniture and décor. Nature’s elements are not only damaging to the health of humans and pets, but also to the health of our home and personal items.

Keep in Control

Think strongly about having the control you desire with your outdoor space. The ability and convenience to have sun or shade when you crave it can be available by choosing motorized screens. With the ability to retract or extend the screens independently you incorporate extra sun into your living space at your discretion and in your immediate time of interest.

Keep Up Your Energy and Your Costs Down

Did you know that motorized screens may assist in warming and cooling your home when needed? Choosing power screens can be a future savings during most of the year. In the warmer months the direct solar heat through the windows can be diminished with the use of the screens.  These natural processes can provide you a savings on your home’s energy costs. For example, in the summer 90% of glare and 75% of exterior heat can be reduced by screens. Air conditioning costs can be decreased by 20%-30% due to the temperature decline of up to 15 degrees.

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