Transform your garage into an area where you can host family picnics or create a mancave.

Like many homes across the United States, garage areas often turn into a black hole of clutter, and unused storage.  Or a space filled with a multitude of bikes, tools, sporting equipment, mowers and other home, garden & automotive supplies.  Did you know that with a little elbow grease, time, energy and some well spent dollars, you could transform your garage into additional living space?  An area where you could host your next family picnic or transform into your mancave.  Just imagine the possibilities!

Purge & Organize Your Garage

The first step in a garage organizing project is to gather a few items and have them readily available for use:

  • Broom and/or Shop Vacuum
  • Contractor Trash Bags or other Heavy-Duty Trash Bags
  • Plastic Bins for Sorting Items
  • Jars or Cans for Nails/Screws, etc.
  • In extreme cases you might need a Roll-off Dumpster

Having the right tools for any project is a key to success!

Tips for Garage Decluttering

Start on one side of your garage, removing all items and placing them in your driveway or yard.  Note: check the weather before starting this project!  This helps reduce the overall clutter and allows you to see the potential of the garage space.

Place items into the following piles:  TrashKeepDonate.  Ask yourself, “When was the last time I used or needed this?”.  Toss the trash first to get it out of your way.  Place “donate” items in bags or bins and put them in another area until you can donate them.  This is a daunting process with a euphoric outcome.  Now it is time to CLEAN and ORGANIZE!

Clean/Organize Garage

The goal in the clean and organize phase is to utilize the ceiling and walls as your storage areas.  This means you need shelves, cabinets, bins and racks to help you find a place for all your items.  Sweep out the space, clean the walls/garage door and survey the possibilities.

Divide the items you are keeping into zones such as automotive, tools, gardening, sports equipment.  Designate those areas and start organizing.  Remember to keep caustic substances high and child friendly items low to avoid accidents.  Store everything vertically, on shelves and in cabinets.  Add hooks to your walls for brooms or sports equipment storage.  Add tool boxes or pegboards to neatly store tools.  Use creativity.

Create A Living Space

Your garage is now clean and organized.  It’s time to think about the new purpose for the garage.  How can I utilize the area, keep out insects and other pests, allow the sunlight and fresh air in, all while enjoying the space?  Consider a garage door screen.  A Garage Door Screen provides a barrier against pests and allows the fresh air and sunlight in.  Furthermore, garage door screens:

  • Are easy to install & use.
  • Improve air flow
  • Add ambiance
  • Are hidden from view when not in use
  • Expand a home’s square footage
  • Protect from flying insects
  • Keep your garage clean
  • Allow easy access in and out without raising screen
  • Have no wiring or remotes
  • Do not require approval from most HOAs
  • Are affordably priced

Garage door screens fit a variety of garage door sizes and has 3 screen material options: standard, privacy & pet.  Once the screen is installed, you can easily move it into place when your garage door is up.

New Use for My Garage

Now that you have cleaned and organized your garage and installed a garage door screen, consider the new uses for this space.

  • Party area – Picnic – Crab feed
  • Mancave
  • Hobby Shop
  • Pet Haven
  • Teen Hangout
  • Screened Porch area
  • A place to store your CAR!

Are you ready to take your garage to the next level?  Contact Maryland Screens to learn more about our garage door screen options.